Back in Istanbul!

I just had the longest day! I went to the Tel Aviv airport to catch a flight to Istanbul and I went quite early thinking that it might take a while through security. My assumption was correct. I guess I look super suspicious because after they took out all my things and thoroughly went through my backpack, they took me to a back room where they just about strip searched me. They padded me down from head to toe. I'm guessing part of it is because my travel through Syria and the other part is because I'm traveling alone.

In addition to the long security process, my plane was delayed for an hour. The gate was changed and I spent most of the day at the Ben Gurion airport. I tried to talk to whoever spoke English to make the time pass by.

At about 10:00 pm I finally arrived to the Sultanahmet area of Istanbul, where I began my trip. I'm not sure what I'll do with the two days I have left, I may just spend them relaxing in Istanbul. Though I have no photos today, I'll be sure to get some more tomorrow. There are still sights in Istanbul I have yet to visit.


Anonymous said...

The same happened to me in Amsterdam and Detroit. They search all my stuff, asked me a bunch of questions, which often was the same one, but just in a different way. Looks like you'll be heading back our way soon, so I'll put tea on the stove! Charles

Marko said...

I'll have to bring you some of the Turkish apple tea, mmm it's sooo tasty.