Tel Aviv and Jaffa

Along Tel Aviv beachesAh, it's been a pretty lazy day in comparison to the rest of my vacation. I started off by buying a whole bunch of tasty pastries and eating them as I beachcombed for fancy seashells. Didn't find a lot, but how can I complain about walking along a beach in beautiful sunny weather, listening to the waves crash.

I walked over to Jaffa which is pretty much a Tel Aviv neighborhood. It has a very interesting history. It's repeatedly mentioned in the bible and it has inspired many stories and paintings. Unfortunately little remains of its ancient structures and artifacts have all been relocated to museums. The information centre is built over some housing remains and in a garden there are some excavations of Egyptian fortification walls thought to have been built by built by Pharaoh Ttutmose III.

Streets of JaffaWalking back to Tel Aviv, I passed through the Yemenite quarter. It's a nice little neighborhood with small houses and an interesting market. Spices, fruits, meats and popular brand rip offs are the main sell. I took a couple of pictures and continued on.

On the way to my hotel I got pretty lost. The maps in the guidebook are pretty tiny and often leave out names of streets. It wasn't so bad though, I got to see many of Tel Aviv's neighborhoods and finding my way back was pretty easy, I just asked people to point me to the Mediterranean.

Tel Aviv from Jaffa:

St. Peter's Monastery:


Yemenite market:

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