Coming home

Well the trip is finished. What a trip it was! Considering I had very little planned, it was incredibly smooth with pretty good weather. Really I had no idea what I was going to do when I landed in Istanbul, aside that I wanted to check out the Mediterranean coast. I didn't think Syria would allow me to cross its border and thought that my trip would have been spent entirely in Turkey.

Out of the countries I've visited on this trip, I'd have to say Turkey was my favorite. Maybe it's because I spent the most time here. The highlight of my trip would be Petra, with Palmyra as a close second. Ephasus, Perge & Heirapolis were also incredible. In terms of cities, Istanbul was my favorite. Though some cities may have had more interesting history or better bargains, Istanbul is the best all around. Jerusalem would be second followed by Damascus. There were a number of small towns I fell in love with too, like Selcuk and Hama.

I had some reservations about going to the Middle East, but I'm so glad I did. It's not as scary of a place as most people think and it has so much to offer in history, food and culture. A lot of people I've met have made me feel so welcome and safe, after just minutes of talking with them. I've made a lot of friends along the way, many who are the reason this trip has been so smooth. This is definitely a place where I would come back to some day.


Emilie International said...


I'm so sad your trip is over! No more wonderful travel stories and photos to gaze at. I can't wait for your next trip and hope you have a safe flight home.



Marko said...

Hey Emilie, glad you enjoyed the blog! I can only get away for a month -- now I can read about your travels. :)

samarkand said...

It's really a pity your trip is over.

I've really enjoyed each and every one of your entries.

I got to you via Ramon (the Spanish guy you met in India)

I just hope some day it's me to be in the other side...

Thank you again from Spain and hope to hear from you again from some other marvellous and new destination.

Julian V said...

Hey Marko. I know what you mean about the nightmare that is leaving israel. I went through that myself a couple of year ago :(
Nice to be back home and congratulations on your pictures.
Please inform me next time you start a new travelling blog, I'd love to follow it.

Maximusdodo-ness said...

MARKO ! I am so impressed with what you did! If i didn't actually meet you out there, i would have thought you were some great fiction writer :)

Congrats on an amazing trip ! I'm pretty impressed! If you ever want to head to chicago, you know where you could find us.

Congrats! I love the pictures !


aƱosabatico said...

Hi Marco, my old friend and travel mate!! to be honest with you ..I have been a bit jelous of your travel. But in March I am going to Brazil.. so this helps a lot to stand the cold and rainy winter in northeurope.

great pictures, as usual. Hope you are ok and see you soon in Europe or in Canada.