Shalom from Jerusalem!

I am in Israel. I got to the border this morning at 6:00 am, only to find that it didn't open until 7:00. This is on the Jordan side. When I finally got through, I went through some heavy interrogation and I started to wonder if they would let me in. They let me go through, after making me sit a while "for an answer." I crossed the border to Eilat, where I booked a bus to Jerusalem. That's where I'm writing from now.

The ride to Jerusalem was about four hours. I had a window seat and enjoyed the scenery. On the way here, the bus passed next to the Dead Sea, which was quite the sight. The water was quite still and the reflections were amazing. I was hoping the bus would pull over for a break, but it didn't. I took a photo from the window.

When I finally got to Jerusalem, it was late in the afternoon. I got some food (a "corn pizza") and then made my way to the old city section where I looked for a hotel room. By the time I found one and settled in, the sun was already setting. I walked around for a bit, but really didn't see much. There seems to be a lot to see here so I may stay for a couple of days. We'll see how much I get to tomorrow.

Passing by the Dead Sea:

Dome of the Rock (was closed when I got there, this was as close as I could get):

Lion's Gate:

Mary's Tomb:

Gethsemane Basilica of Agony:

Zakharias Tomb:

Below the Mt. of Olives:

Streets of the Old City:


Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing pictures like usual. Alex and I would love to be there too! Charles

Unknown said...

hi Marko, nice to read your stories, have you ever thought of going to Italy to try a real pizza? I really like all the pictures and look forward to see more. Take care, joanna.

Anonymous said...

Man I'd love to go to Jerusalem!!!! There's lots to see there so make sure you get to as many places as you can. Loved the dead sea pic...pricless! Take care and enjoy the rest of your trip! Kelly.