A long day on the bus

My plan today was to get to Anamur, another city on the Mediterranean coast about five hours from Antalya. The difference in today's trip would be me doing everything versus a touring agency. Up to this point I've been using small touring companies who would book buses and sight seeing trips on my behalf, for a price. It's a very lazy way of doing things and really doing it on my own didn't seem like it would be that difficult. It wasn't. I easily found the bus that took me to the bus depot and quickly made a reservation for a bus leaving for Anamur. I saved about half the money that I would have spent doing it through a touring company.

I booked a bus that would allow me to get to Anamur in the daylight, which would make looking for a hotel a lot easier. Unfortunately this meant that I couldn't see the Antalya museum. It was a difficult decision to make, as I hear the exhibits are excellent. Ah well, maybe one day I will return. It's a beautiful city and well worth another visit.

The bus ride to Anamur was so scenic! The road winds around the mountain side with a view of the Mediterranean sea. Sea as far as the eye could see. I was imagining how it would have looked like during the Crusades, with hundreds of ships in the horizon. I took a few photos from the bus, but it was simply impossible to capture the beauty of it, especially with a very bumpy ride.

The bus broke down half way and I arrived to Anamur a little late, just an hour before sunset. I didn't have a chance to do much or take many photos. I took a photo of the main mosque, which happens to be right in front of the hotel I'm staying at. I've rented a bicycle for tomorrow to see a castle that is about seven kilometers from here.


Ben said...

Freaking amazing pics Marko

Unknown said...

hi Marko, i see you are having a great time, very beautiful photos. looking forward for another postings..... take care