Akko (Acre)

Finally I got to see the Dome of the Rock. I'm happy that I made the effort to, it's quite stunning. Even with tourists about, the mosque is quite big and people are but specs in the background. I made my way around it looking for the best light and took a number of photos. Satisfied, I returned to the hotel, packed my things and boarded the bus to Akko.

Getting to Akko wasn't as simple as most of my destinations have been. Most places on my list have been fairly popular and the bus routes have been direct. Akko it seems is visited less frequently. I had to take a bus to Haifa's southern bus station, transfer to a local bus which took me to the northern bus station and finally board a bus for Akko.

The experience was rewarding. On the way to Haifa I met Daniel, who was born in Montreal but moved to Israel as a child. We had a great conversation regarding Jewish beliefs, religions, the conflict in the area, etc. I said goodbye to him at the first bus station and on my way to the second I met a guy from Ethiopia. He told me his name but I couldn't say it, let alone write it out. He was also nice to talk with and helped me find the bus to Akko. On the way to Akko I met a German girl, Sara, who has been volunteering in Jerusalem for ten months. She told me about her experiences and it was interesting to hear how she felt about Germany's past and the Holocaust. This is one of the benefits of traveling alone, it's easy to talk to and meet people.

I didn't get a lot of time to explore Akko. It's a pretty small place and it reminds me a lot of Daman, a place I visited in India. I walked around the harbour and took some photos as the sun was going down, then I spent quite a while walking about trying to find an internet cafe. As this place is not that touristy, it was quite the task. Everyone I asked told me there isn't one in this area, but I found a coffee place that lets you use their computers if you buy a drink.

Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem:

Akko harbour:

Akko lighthouse:


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pic of the Dome of the Rock.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog Marko, it's a part of the world that I just didn't know well. When you get back to Calgary and you get thirsty, I'll have tea ready for you! Charles

Marko said...

Charles, you're a funny guy! I'm going to take you up on your offer.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were just going to Turkey? What a treat to see all the other places you've been man. Your pictures are beautiful and your descriptions are vivid.

There must be a job out there with your name on it, where you can be doing this and make millions of dollars, because you're really good.

Marko said...

Jason, my plan was to go to all these places, but I was pretty sure that I wouldn't be allowed through Syria. I didn't have a visa ahead of time and they are infamous for turning people away at the border.